Al Riparo Dai​ V​enti



​Located at the north-western end of the island on a verdant hill surrounded by Mediterranean scrub which gives it its characteristic colors and scents, it is the ideal place for those who love nature, tranquillity, fishing and all water sports.


​Asinara National Park

​The Asinara National Park is a protected natural area established by decree on 28 November 1997. It is located in Sardinia and more precisely in the province of Sassari. The entire territory of the National Park is represented by the island of Asinara

Porri Island

​Cala Isola dei Porri is located about ten kilometers from Stintino, on the characteristic islet of Porri, separated from the coast by a narrow channel.

Neptune Cave

​In the heart of the Capo Caccia promontory, the fairy-tale scenarios of the underground world of Neptune's Cave open up. 


​Perhaps in Roman times it was the mythical Tibula, in the Middle Ages it was certainly an impregnable fortress for centuries, protected by mighty walls and 17 towers, until the advent of modern weapons. 

Vigneti Sella e Mosca

​More than a century ago, two adventurous Piedmontese, Engineer Sella and Avvocato Mosca, looking at uncultivated nature with new eyes, fell in love with her and created Sella & Mosca.


​An enchanting village where tradition and modernity merge and infuse curiosity and charm.

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