Festivals and fairs

Presepe di Pane Olmedo (34,5 Km. from Stintino)
Unusual and impressive is the Bread Nativity, made entirely with this matter, which takes on different forms of the landscape and the people take part in this sacred representation. The end result is an iconic and poignant depiction of the nativity in the Sardinian environment which attracts thousands of visitors and faithful. It is prepared every year during the Christmas season at the picturesque Romanesque church of N.S. Talia.


Sagra del Pesce Castelsardo  (40,6 Km.from Stintino) 15 August


Lunissanti Castelsardo (40,6 Km. from Stintino) Holy Week Easter
In Sardinia in a rich panorama of events related to the Holy Week you can not remember the Lunissanti (Holy Monday) Castelsardo. In this country of northern Sardinia of about 5500 inhabitants, built around the old fortress of the Doria in his medieval village, takes place thanks to a culture tied to the traditions, one of the most popular piety rites in Italy.


Sagra del Cinghiale Tergu (42,0 Km. from Stintino) 18 August


Bogamarì Alghero (42,8 Km. from Stintino)
Collard festival: Fishing for sea urchin, said “bogamarì”, is an ever-living tradition and long-awaited, not only by Alghero, but also by the inhabitants of the surrounding towns, acquires great tourist importance.


Sagra della Ricotta Chiaramonti (53,8 Km. from Stintino) 10 July


La discesa dei Candelieri
The great feast of Sassari on the eve of August


Regata della vela latina
At the end of August


Sagra del tonno 
First Saturday in June


Raduno dei 45
First week of August


Il viaggio del postale
Second half of July


Sardegna in banchina
The end of August


Festa patronale
8 September


Festa di San Nicola
Second half of September


Festa di li ‘Agghiani Aggius (70,5 Km. from Stintino) date to be announced