Our farm offers many wonders to visit including the Gulf of Asinara, on the northeastern coast of Sardinia.

Nearby, a few km far there are ancient traps that until the twentieth century were one of the main economic sources of the country. Today, restored, are intended to tourist-recreational purposes. while the Tonnara Museum exhibits a collection of documents, objects, photos and models that tell the life cycle of tuna and illustrate the various stages of the massacre.

To the north you can reach Falcone Cape, with the tower at the highest point and the two Spanish fortifications Pelosa and Isola Piana.

The entire coast of Stintino is fringed by white beaches, which make this country one of the most renowned holiday resorts of the whole Sardinia.

In fact from the New Port you can reach the unspoiled natural oasis of the National Park.

Immediately south of Stintino to the left a sign points the way to the beach of Saline, a beautiful expanse of white sand where once stood a plant for the extraction of salt.

Opposite the island Piana and Asinara, near Stintino, is the paradise of Pelosa beach which dominates the landscape with the whiteness of its beach and the transparency of its waters. The foot of  Falcone Cape stretch of fine white sand beaches and water with shades of colors ranging from turquoise to blue.

Another of the wonders to visit the National Park is a protected natural area that extends for 51,23 square kilometers has a predominantly mountainous geography. In summer a fleet of ferries leave regularly from Porto Mannu to reach the park where you will find endangered species If you are also fond of windsurfing and diving in this area you will find various agencies, mostly concentrated on the beach of Hairy, renting equipment and organize courses and diving.